Tuesday, 1 July 2014

Vintage Cards Embellished with Pink Posy Diamante Buckles Ribbon Sliders and Diamante Embellishments

Dress Up Your Cards- Vintage Style with Pink Posy!

(Card embellished with Vintage style backing paper, 10mm lilac ribbon and a Pink Posy Small Circle Diamante Buckle).

So you have your wedding card blank, some lush backing paper, but it just needs that something extra...Check out some of our Pink Posy range being trialled and tested below with this vintage chic design card  All diamante products can be purchased at: www.pinkposy.co.uk 

Cut your backing paper and ribbon to size and adhere to your card with either glue or double-sided tape.

Try different colour/shades of ribbon to see what best compliments your wedding theme/ palette! Here we have used a 10mm cream ribbon with our Small Round Circle Diamante Buckle for a more subtle contrast. Buckles can be found here: http://www.pinkposy.co.uk/catalog/small-round-circle-diamante-buckle-ribbon-slide-p-11.html

This 10mm lilac ribbon has been embellished with a Pink Posy Medium Square diamante buckle ribbon slider. You can buy these here:http://www.pinkposy.co.uk/catalog/medium-square-diamante-buckle-ribbon-slide-p-12.html

As an alternative to diamante buckle ribbon slides, why not try a flat back embellishment for something a little different? You can find our Grade A Clear Diamante Gem Cluster Embellishments (Flat-back) Here:http://www.pinkposy.co.uk/catalog/clear-diamante-gem-cluster-p-26.html

What will you create?

For even more Inspiration- Check out our Pink Posy Spring/Summer Inspiration Gallery:http://www.pinkposy.co.uk/catalog/gallery.php?cid=7 


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