Wednesday, 4 December 2013

Sparkling Around the Christmas Tree- Christmas Gift and Decoration Ideas From Pink Posy!

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Tis the Season to be Jolly! Why not brighten up your Christmas (and may be somebody else's?) by adding some sparkle to your presents and decorations with 's range of little Bobby Dazzlers!

Turn Your Snowflake Embellishments into Christmas Tree Decorations By Adding Some Thread!

Embellish Your Gift Bags or...

Presents with Pink Posy's Snowflake diamante brooches! These can double up as gifts as well!

Charm your way into a loved one's heart with Pink Posy's rhinestone heart charm. Just add a jump ring and a chain and you have a very easy, hand made necklace!

Embellish: Cushions, Clothes, Bags and Scarves with Pink Posy's rhinestone diamante brooch range! A stunning finishing touch!

Pink Posy offer retail and wholesale rates across our range of diamante rhinestone products. You can purchase our featured items from the Pink Posy Links Below:

May Your Christmas be Merry (and Sparkly!)

Tuesday, 19 November 2013

Pink Posy Goes Wreath Mad For Christmas! (Embellishing a Wreath)

Here at We Have Been Going a Little...Wreath Mad, in Our Preparations For Christmas! Making Great Use of Our Stunning Diamante Snowflake and Clear Diamante Cluster Embellishments, to Create Original Lil Bobby Dazzlers to Adorn Our Doors Ready For the Festive Season! 

The diamante embellishments can be attached with: craft glue, sticky dots or a glue gun. (In our example we have used an artificial wreath).

The rhinestone diamante Snowflakes can be purchased as a flat-backed embellishments or with a brooch pin back. The brooch variety can also be threaded through ribbon, which you can either weave around your wreath or glue on to your wreath to further embellish it.

What Sparkly Delights Have you been Making For Christmas?

Why not embellish your own wreath and give it as a gift this Christmas?

  • You can find our Small and Large Snowflake brooches here:

  • You can find our Small and Large Snowflake Embellishments and Clear Diamante Gem Clusters here:

Wednesday, 6 November 2013

Pink Posy's October 2013 Customer Gallery Competition Winner is...

.... Joanne Wright! Joanne has created this lovely Heart Canvas which has been made with: buttons, gems and our Clear Diamante Gem Clusters! Joanne has won a £30 Voucher to spend at Pink Posy!!

Our Runner-up Entry for October 2013's Competition is:

...Tanya Jones! Tanya has embellished her Anniversary Cake with diamante cake topper numbers '2 & 5' from Pink Posy's Cake Topper Range. Tanya has won a £10 Voucher to spend at Pink Posy!

Congratulations Ladies!! Our Photo Gallery Competitions will re-open again in the new year. If you want to keep up-to-date with Pink Posy's competitions, products, new arrivals, Special Offers and Sales please sign up to our Newsletter via our homepage at:

You can also follow us on our Facebook Page to stay up-to-date with the latest news. Just 'Like' our page at:

Thursday, 31 October 2013

The Perfect Winter Accessory!!

The Perfect Winter Accessory!! Our Large and Small Snowflake Brooches make a Fantastic Accessory for your: Bags, Coats, Hats, Cardigans, Cushions etc... They Make Lovely Embellishments as Well as Gifts. 

I embellished my bag when I went to a Wedding recently and received lots of compliments! How are you using yours? Our brooch range can be found here:

You can find our full range of diamante buckles, rhinestone embellishments, diamante brooches, chair sash buckles, sparkley charms and cake toppers at: 

Wednesday, 16 October 2013

Make Your Own Dior Bow and Diamante Snowflake Hair Clips

Make Your Own Dior Bow and Diamante Snowflake Hair Clips

Just a little Sparkly Inspiration on this some what cold and grey morning and also super easy to make!! At Pink Posy HQ we have been dressing up our hair clips with our handmade Dior Bows - You can make these by following our 'How to make a Dior Bow' Post:

and our stunning Small diamante rhinestone snowflake embellishments. You can buy these here:

Secure these to your hair clip with glue for a stunning accessory or even give these as a gift that everyone will be asking about!

These Small Snowflake Embellishments can also be bought with a brooch pin back. Larger Snowflake Embellishments and Brooches are also available.

You can find our full range of diamante buckles, rhinestone embellishments, diamante brooches, chair sash buckles, sparkley charms and cake toppers at:

Wednesday, 4 September 2013

Pink Posy's August 2013 Customer Gallery Competition Winner and Runner Up Announced!

A Huuuuuge Congratulations goes to Lindsey at Celebrate and Decorate for her Winning August 2013 Entry to the Pink Posy Customer Gallery Competition!! Lindsey has made 'Great Gatsby' Inspired Wedding Invitations embellished these with a stunning Pearl and diamante round buckle from the Pink Posy Range! Lindsey has won a £15 voucher to spend at! 

And another Massive Congratulations to Caroline Kinne for her Runner Up August 2013 Entry to the Customer Gallery Competition!! Caroline has used a variety of Pink Posy buckles to make this lovely Wedding Table Plan. Buckles used include: Small heart diamante buckle with a vertical bar, medium square diamante buckles, pearl and diamante circle buckle and a mini circle rhinestone buckle. Caroline has won a £5 voucher to spend at! 

You can view our Competition winning photos- past and present on our Customer Gallery Page at:

Now that August's Photos have been announced...why not enter our SEPTEMBER Customer gallery Competition of your Pink Posy Items in Use, and be in with a chance to win a voucher to spend at Pink Posy! For full Competition Terms and Conditions please read out Competitions page:

Wednesday, 7 August 2013

Pink Posy's Customer Gallery Competition Winner- July 2013!

A Massive Congratulations to Liz Matthews for her Winning July 2013 Entry to the Customer Gallery Competition!! Liz has made a Save the Date Card and embellished this with a Mini diamante square buckle. Liz has won a £15 voucher to spend at! 

August 2013's Customer Gallery Competition is now... OPEN!!!
Send your Pink Posy products in use photographs to: 
Please refer to full T's & C's on our 'Competitions' link on our homepage.

Happy Snapping and Good Luck!!

Tuesday, 23 July 2013

Pink Posy's Customer Gallery Competition!!

Last Month we Launched our Customer Gallery at Pink Posy. We had some fabulous photo entries from you all, demonstrating how you use our products whilst crafting and being creative. We were incredibly impressed and inspired by the originality and presentation of your creations so choosing a winner and runner up was very hard!

Tell Me More...

This is currently a monthly competition- running from 1st-end of each month. We would love for you to send us photographs of our products in use. Whether you have bought diamante brooches, diamante buckle ribbon slides, rhinestone gem clusters, charms, diamante cake toppers or any product you have bought from our range, we would love to see them in use!! 

What Could I Win?

There will be a £15 prize voucher to spend at Pink Posy for our favourite Photograph and a £5 voucher for the Runner up (each month)! Your Photograph will also feature in our Customer Gallery! 

How Do I Enter?

Please send your photographs with your name and location to: and also state which of our diamante products you have used in your photograph.  For Full Competition Terms and Conditions Please visit our 'Competitions' Page on our homepage at:

June 2013 Winning Photographs:

A HUGE Congratulations to Kath Hammerton from KK Bespoke Browbands for submitting the Winning Photograph for our June 2013 Customer Gallery Competition! Kath won a £15 Voucher to Spend at Pink Posy! 

And another HUGE Congratulations to Miriam Guy from Cakes by Miriam who won the Runner Up Prize For her Photograph! These can also be viewed in our customer gallery:

We look forward to seeing your wonderful diamante creations! Remember, send your photographs with your name and location to: and also state which of our diamante products you have used in your photograph. 

Good Luck!

Wednesday, 3 July 2013

How to Make a Fabric Flower

How to Make Your Own Fabric Flower Tutorial

 (Fabric flower- Made with Polyester Satin & Organza Fabric with a Pink Posy Clear diamante gem cluster embellishment*)

Ever wanted to know how to make fabric flowers? Want to add something pretty and glamorous to your hair, dress, bag or gift? Here is an easy-to-follow tutorial on how to make your own! 

What You Will Need:

  • Fabric- Polyester Satin
  • Organza Fabric (optional Extra)
  • Small Piece of felt for the back of the flower
  • Piece of A4 Card
  • Ruler
  • Pencil
  • Textile Scissors
  • Glue gun and Glue Stick
  • Candles & Matches (or a lighter)
  • Hair Clip or a brooch pin
  • Embellishment to finish

(Why not choose a rhinestone embellishment from Pink Posy's wide selection!)

  1. Measure and Cut Out Template Squares

On your piece of card, measure out 4 squares (these will become progressively smaller.

1 x Large Square at 10.5cm x 10.5cm
1 x Medium Square at 9cm x 9cm
1x Second Smallest Square at 8cm x 8cm
1x Smallest Square at 6.5cm x 6.5cm.

(All measurements are rough- You can play around with different sizes to see what you prefer)

On each square, draw lines through the middle to find the central point. Measure approximately 15mm from the centre point on each line and draw a line through it (as shown in the photograph). 

Cut all templates out and cut along the dotted lines up to your
15mm markers to produce a slit on each side of the square.

2. Choose your fabric.

(Polyester Satin)

(Polyester Satin Matched with Similiar Colour Organza Fabric)

Choose your preferred fabric colour. You can make your flower with all Polyester Satin or you could add more layers to your flower using additional organza material. If you wish to use the organza material as well, use your templates with the organza to cut out another 4 matching sized squares to your polyester satin.

3. Draw Around Your Templates 

and cut out the Fabric Squares.

Draw around your Templates onto the Non-shiny side of the material and cut out the corresponding squares. Not forgetting to cut the slits on each side of your squares.

You should have 4 Squares of descending sizes.

4. Curl the edges of your Squares to Make Petals Using the Heat from above the flame of your candle or Lighter.

***Please be very careful when doing this next part.*** 

Ensure you test out a piece of spare fabric so that you can get used to the effects of the heat on your fabric and how quickly the edges melt. Have the shiny side of the fabric on the outside (closest to flame). Do not put your fabric in the flame- this will burn it, holding your fabric a little distance over the flame will be enough to melt and curl the edges of your fabric. Testing will allow you to see how quickly the edges begin to shrivel and melt, holding over the heat too long may cause the material to shrivel too much, burn or develop holes so practice first with your spare piece of fabric! Also ensure there are no drafts near to where you are working.

Once you feel more confident with curling the edges, now start with your square pieces of fabric, curling the edges on each.

(If you are using the organza fabric as well, just note that this melts a lot quicker than the polyester-satin!)

How your square petals will look once the edges have been 'curled'

5) Glue gun the middle of each curled square and glue these with the largest layer at the bottom up to the smallest layer on the top, then embellish with a diamante gem.

(If you are using Polyester Satin alone, this is roughly how your fabric flower will look- made up with 4 layers. If you would like to add more bulk and glamour to your flower follow the additional steps before gluing your fabric pieces together).

6. Layering with Polyester Satin and Organza.

So you should have four curled pieces of polyester satin and 4 curled pieces of organza material. Layer fabric- largest piece of polyester satin, then largest piece of organza, then medium sized polyester satin, then medium sized piece of organza etc... 

Use a little bit of hot glue on the central point of your squares to glue the layers together.

Largest Satin Polyester Layer at the bottom then largest organza layer.

Until all layers are glued together, alternating the fabric. 

Your Pre-embellished flower should look something like this.

7. Cut out a small piece of felt for the back of your flower and hot glue onto the back of your flower.

8. Attaching a hair clip or brooch to your flower.

Once the felt is secure, glue gun a hairclip on with a smaller piece of felt to secure it in place. Alternatively you can glue on/ stitch on a brooch pin back.

9. Embellishing your Flower- the finishing touch

Now, for the finishing touch! Embellish your flower with a diamante gem, just add a spot of hot glue to the back of your diamante embellishment and press to the middle of your flower to secure. (Pink Posy's Clear Diamante Gem Cluster has been used on this flower)

Enjoy your New Beautiful Handmade Flower!!

Fabric Flower Inspiration...

A stunning Accessory for your hair! Customise your flower to match your outfit!!

Wear as a brooch/ corsage on a dress, bag or belt to add additional glamour.

(Ivory Pearl diamante gem cluster from Pink Posy features on all 3 of the 'Fabric Flower Inspiration' photographs).

 *Please Note All rhinestone diamante embellishments pictured in this Step-by-Step Guide can be purchased directly from our site along with many many more beautiful items at:

Diamante embellishments that we currently Stock:

Ivory Pearl, Clear, Light Pink, Purple, Light Blue & Royal Blue Gem Clusters and Small Snowflake rhinestone embellishments.

Coming Soon:

Grey Pearl, Aqua Blue, Lavender and Smokey Blue Gem Clusters Coming Soon to!

If you would like more information about our products please visit our website or email us on